Over at our Point Counter-Point Point Point facebook page we periodically give away chances to win free compliments by answering trivia questions. It’s a major hoot for everyone. All you need to do is go over to our facebook page here and “like” our page. There’s all kinds of other fun and excitement happening over there too, so you’re really going to want to like our page regardless.

Here’s just a small sample of compliments that have already been given away. Wouldn't you like to have one too? Super. Here’s our facebook page again: facebook page.

Your smile is worth more than 50% off the finest Subaru known to man.

You are a pine scented sea breeze catching a ride on a chocolate covered eagle made of gold.

Your brightness is like a 1000 flashlights shining onto a 1000 disco balls kept in a mirrored wall room. And there are some awesome Lite-Brites in the room too.

Your creativity slices through the night time air with colors and shapes that can only be described with sorcery.

You’ve got a smile that makes passersbys stand back, grasp their tummies, and feel awkwardly giddy from that near-puking feeling of butterflies.

Your presence is like having buckets of the finest champagnes personally delivered to you by talented celebrities draped in kittens.

A silver falcon laid across a bed of roses specifically grown to appear in parades, is the inspiration you give the entire animal kingdom.

The speed of your wit is faster than the fastest of Dexys Midnight Runners.


  1. I am now mad that I'm anti-Facebook. You are quickly becoming my favorite writer and person.

  2. Hey! We're PEOPLE! As much as Christian would like to un-exist me, I am very much still here! Dwindling, but still here. Still here. Here.

  3. Okay, I want to win a free compliment because I'm in love with both of you (don't tell your wives or my husband) and I already like you on Facebook and Twitter. But I can't answer your trivia questions! They are too hard! (or I'm do young or sheltered or something). Can you give out an easy one? Like - some trivia question from Friends or the Brady Bunch? I'll nail it.

    1. We'll check with our PCPPP Trivia Department and see what we can do.

  4. I love these compliments. I will venture into the kingdom to slay your Damn dragons- and receive Knighthood- or whateva' it's called for a girl.