Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cheesy Movies vs. Sheepasaurusoctotroid!

The other day I was perusing Netflix looking at the new releases for Sci-Fi/Fantasy when I came across Sharktopus!

Apparently Sharktopi can also fly.

I quietly and slowly whispered to myself, “Awesome”.

Then two movies down in that little Netflix movie merry-go-round thingy were these two movies, back to back:

These two are probably actually just the same movie but with diff... WAIT A SEC!!! Starring Debbie Gibson and Tiffany? Seriously? I wonder which one plays Gatoroid. I bet it’s Tiffany.

This time I slowly whispered to myself “Whoahhh. Cooool.”

But wait there’s even more. A few more movies down gave us this:

Coincidentally Mongolian Death Worm was our second
choice for the name of this blog.

And even more:

I started to envision a Mega-Dinoshark, but realized I was now
just being absurd.

But the one that looked the absolute worst and most ridiculous was this one:

The worst.

I couldn’t believe Netflix was listing out all these movies to me at the same time. It totally made my day.

However, this blog post isn’t about why these movies miraculously showed up to me at all at once. That is obviously just God saying to me “Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I was thinkin’ bout ya. Later gator!”

No, this post is about low budget cheesy movies and their importance in the art of movie making. This is PCPPP being cultured. Hopefully we don’t turn off too many readers with our dope ass sophistication. I’ll start...

Christian: I’m a fan of low budget cheesy sci-fi and horror movies, although I rarely watch any. Usually because they turn out to be so bad in a non-good way. I so often find myself getting more enjoyment out of the cover on the box then the movie itself. It’s as if the cover art holds too much promise that the movie just can’t possibly deliver on.

That is why I feel that making a truly great cheesy sci-fi or horror movie is as big an accomplishment as making one of those Oscar winning movies that’s about issues and talking.

Pat:  I am totally with you on this one buddy (but, for me, the whole reptilian-robotic-’roid fueled creature feature doesn’t do it). My cred-depleting genre of choice is...Zombies! I know, I know...zombies are all the rage now, but please trust me when I say that I have been a true devoteé of the genré since my early teenage years when I was drawn to the punk stylings of the soundtrack to “Return of the Living Dead”. And I kinda’ feel like the more degenerate and the worse the film is, the better it is. I’m like that with tacquerias too, for that matter...the more I worry about my health the higher rating I give the place.

I give credit to those films that challenge us to think beyond our limits, or those films that are filmed in such a way as to give us insight into the perspectives of others, but I have to say that the most credit I am capable of giving goes to those films which consistently keep me entertained and coming back for more. Those films inevitably rate high on the cheese-o-meter!

Christian: OK, here’s where we might have a disagreement. I feel like zombie movies are in their own category and I actually want and expect them to be good. Sure, I guess I can appreciate a good quality bad zombie movie if done right. But I'd rather see a good quality good zombie movie.

I have the same respect for the zombie movie genre as I do for serious dramas, documentaries, and movies about high speed car chases.

Move over Citizen Kane.

When it comes to great bad cheesy movies I prefer them to be in the monster or horror genre. I think that’s where they belong.

I think if you were really a true connoisseur of the zombie genre you would feel this way too.

Pat:  Have you considered watching this one:


You’ve used the word “cheesy” a lot, and I thought this might be a new genré for you to check out.

It took me a bit to realize, but I think what you’re calling “great bad cheesy movies” is roughly what I’ve been referring to for decades as “movies perfect for wasting a Saturday on my couch”.  Y’ know what I mean?  

These are the kind of movies that are actually BETTER when you’re hung over, laying on the couch, ignoring the kids’ calls for you to cook for them or help them get exercise. The ones interrupted by various and sundry commercials aimed at getting deadbeats into correspondence college courses or at fleecing the already poor of their gold fillings.

Yeah...I LOVE those movies! And I learned to love them after only five easy classes with DeVroenix Online Academé du Film. You can too!

Films is COOL, man!

Christian: Yes I agree that what I am referring to as “great bad cheesy movies”  could also be described as "movies perfect for wasting a Saturday on my couch.” Although my description is a little more accurate and uses less words. More efficient really. And I would say that they don’t have to only be viewed on Saturdays and on couches. So not only is your description inefficient it also unnecessarily limiting.

But other than that, yes we are in total agreement. Also, saying “my couch”  in your description sounds weird. It would sound better if you said “the couch,” if we absolutely had to go with your description.

But like I said above I prefer my Zombie movies to not fall into this category, whether we use my accurate and succinct description or your bloated and oddly worded one. Zombie movies should be good. Period.

Pat:  Well...there is something magical about my couch. You’re welcome to come over and try it sometime. And when you do, you can consider watching this:


  1. I totally agree with both of you. Mongolian Death Worm should be the name of this blog. But Pegicorn would win in a fight.

    1. Mongolian Death Worm vs. Pegicorn! Now why haven't they made that movie yet?

  2. I also agree that the Zombie genre is one that can bear high expectations because enough truly good movies have been made.

    I think that "Tremors" is the best movie I've ever seen that falls into the category you're describing. It's a solid, self-aware, cheesy movie. Now I really want to watch Tremors.

    1. Yes! Thank you. Tremors is a perfect example of a really good cheesy movie. And how can you go wrong with pairing Kevin Bacon with Mr. Keaton from Family Ties.

  3. Hahaha! "Oscar winning movies that’s about issues and talking." Who needs any of that crap?! Gimme super dino-shark-croc-python-worm-oid any day of the week!

    1. ooooh... Super-dino-shark-croc-python-worm-oid. I like it. But now try to imagine how awesome a Mega-super-dino-shark-croc-python-worm-oid would be.

  4. This is a gold mine of opportunity. I only end up seeing bad films (that's bad in a bad way) that bore me. Thanks for sharing these treasurable titles.

    1. You're welcome. But keep in mind that we haven't actually seen any of these so view at your own risk. Although I'm sure that Tiffany and Debbie Gibson movie is a for sure fire solid gold masterpiece, so no risk with that one.

  5. These are so awesomely bad, you can't help but try and watch a few minutes and be disappointed because it's so bad. But you can't really be mad, because you knew it would be bad and you watched it anyway. Honestly, I think they should start an award show to reward whoever names the movies. That, in itself, is a great skill.