Friday, April 1, 2011

Origins Of This Blog

Performativity!  A little background: We wanted the first word of our new blog to be something exciting and powerful (like our sex appeal). Or if not exciting and powerful, maybe something shocking or controversial (more like our sex appeal). We pondered on it a bit but couldn’t come up with the right word. We considered Might! Dynamo! Shazam! Waffles! But none of them seemed to be the right one.

But eventually, Pat came across Performativity. It’s confusing, hints at a measurement of action, and only has a slight suggestion of something positive (exactly like our sex appeal!). It was perfect. But what does it mean? The drunkards over at Websters claim performativity is not a word, but google yields this definition:

Performativity is an interdisciplinary term often used to name the 
capacity of speech and language in particular, but other forms of 
expressive but non-verbal action as well, to intervene in the course 
of human events.

Some may find this a little confusing but the gang at wikipedia clears it all up:

Performativity accounts for situations where a proposition may 
constitute or instantiate the object to which it is meant to refer, as 
in so-called "performative utterances".

Exactly. Now that we had our first word out of the way we could begin figuring out what our blog would look like and less importantly, what it would be about.

Pat and I decided to meet for beers at a local drinking establishment to hash out ideas. Armed with a laptop and our wits, we brainstormed, conceptualized, and plotted. The ideas flowed like fancy seasonal beers from a tap. Pint after pint. To ensure none of this mental gold was lost we took notes and Pat e-mailed them to ourselves that night. The next day we found two e-mails in our inbox. The first one just contained one sentence:
             We're high on ourselves and people like us.

The second contained the following:

more ideas (I didn't mean to hit "send"

Debbie Harry was naked in Videodrome
Do I need a phone for that?

Useless. What does any of that have to do with blogging or even mean for that matter? As you can see our intoxicated selves severely let us down. Damn them! It’s frustrating how irresponsible they can be, not to mention their arrogance. Who do they think they are anyways?

Since the brainstorming while drinking plan didn’t work out, we began e-mailing back and forth to try and figure out what we were going to do with this whole blog thing. Here’s our e-mail exchange discussing what the format should be:

Christian:  As for the blog format. One idea would be to do a back and forth thing within the same post vs. you writing a long post, let’s say on lawn mowing, and then me writing a long response and posting each of those as separate blog posts. So the idea being that the literary dynamite we end up with would be one blog post of us going back and forth. Each response could be just a few sentences or just a few words or longer if desired! Hopefully I'm making sense here. I'll try and think of more ways to ramble on in my explaining of it and get back to you if you need further rambling. I've also decided not to go back and reread this message, for clarity and ttypos, before sending it to you. 

Pat: So...are you thinking our posts should be longer or shorter than
your instructions on how long our posts should be?

            Christian: I was picturing our back and forth comments going into
            a single post vs. posting each of our comments as individual single 
            posts. Or we could also do back and forths as single long posts too 
            and post them as individual single posts. I don't understand why this
            isn't clearer to you.

Pat: huh?

Christian: Cool. I'm glad we are on the same page now.

After more deliberation we realized figuring out a format was just too hard. Therefore we decided to narrow down our format to having no set format. Meaning it could take any format we wanted to write in at the current time. We now needed to figure out what our blog would look like.

            Christian: How about for our logo we show a picture of the two of us
            surrounded by a bunch of cool guys like Han Solo and George
            Clooney or Aragorn from Lord of the Rings?

Pat:  Can it be girls too because I would like Maya Angelou. 

Christian: umm... OK, how about this? We split the screen in two
            with me on one side surrounded by cool guys like Han Solo, George
            Clooney and Aragorn, etc. and you on the other side with Maya 
            Angelou and whoever else you want?

Pat:  Also, don’t you think there should be some kind of kick 
ass unicorn too?

Christian: Of course. A kick ass unicorn goes without saying.

The logo above is what we eventually came up with. If you are reading this in the future it may have changed by then, but since you are probably having this blog telepathically implanted into your self-consciousness as instant memories, what do you care spaceboy.

Next we needed a name. This was hard but we eventually settled on Point Counter-Point Point Point. Mostly because we couldn’t think of anything better. My thoughts on it were that it somewhat describes what we will be doing here: discussing our different points of views on various topics (The Point Counter-Point part) in addition to writing out our individual thoughts and ideas on our own when we desire (The Point Point part). Pat on the other hand thought the Point Point part was signifying how we tend to really ramble on when trying to make a point.

Lastly, we needed to figure out what we would actually write about. We did some research and found out that about nine out of every ten blogs weren’t about anything specific and were basically just the random ramblings of the author(s). Therefore we decided that the obvious thing for us to do would be to do the exact same thing in the hopes that we could eventually reach that elusive 10 out of 10! Thus our blog will be about nothing specific...uh... I mean our blog will be about everything! Current affairs, parenting, frisbees, grocery cart detailing -- any topic! You name it and we now have the freedom to write about it. Take that terrorism!

There you go. The origins of our blog and our first blog post. If you are wanting to learn more about us as individuals, we have an About Us page for christsakes.


  1. Pip, pip, tcodej! I don't think there's enough disagreement in the world today. Thanks for being willing to voice the dissenting view, despite all of the obvious evidence to the contrary.

  2. So, what's the point? And did you talk about the Schmoo? That's what really grabbed me by the throat. But I don't recall reading anything about the Schmoo...

    It does rhyme with Angelou though, so I think you should get some points for that.

  3. I think it needs more tacos.

  4. It was either tacos or the Schmoo. Schmoo won.

  5. Ooh, Pat scores a point with the Schmoo! (and how did tacos enter into the conversation?)

    I've long been waiting for a live-action feature film of The Herculoids...anyone here have Hollywood connections?

  6. Well, you've all convinced me. I agree now.

  7. I never noticed Maya Angelou in the header. Now it is all I will ever notice.